Non Woven Bag Making Machine in India

FOGO Industries chennai is a leading manufacturer, supplier, marketer and promoter of non woven bag making machine, non woven bag printing machine, non woven offset and flexo printing machines and all the other allied machineries. Located in Chennai, we cater to the machinery needs of the bag making and printing industry throughout India and abroad. Non woven fabric bag making machine, from FOGO Industries, produces in mass quantities all types of high quality commercial bags in almost all shapes and sizes, which can be used for commercial utility purposes and branding purposes. At FOGO Industries, we are committed to providing excellent service; maintaining high levels of professionalism, sophistication and high standards and quality in both product manufacturing and service.

Digitalized Machinery

We have manufactured and supplied non woven machines to a lot of customers from both India and abroad, who have successfully roped in clients from the commercial sectors to enhance their businesses. Our advanced fully automatic high quality machines with Ultrasonic-sewing technology can make all types of high quality non woven bags chennai. Machines from FOGO Industries are technologically advanced that in addition to being fully automatic, they are computerized and digitalized to make manufacturing of bags easy and effortless. Simple touch screen operation looks and feels very sophisticated and is very easy to operate.

Fully Automatic Machines

From loading to cutting to delivery of output, the machines are fully automatic. Not only the production processes but the other functions are also automatic. Counting, alarms, cutting, punching etc. are automatically carried out and the results can be known live on the display. So, tracking during the production process is very easy and highly accurate. These features are designed to keep you assured of the production process, the production quality and the final output. A very high level of accuracy and perfection is maintained in our machines with the automatic tension control, tracking methods and photo electric features.

Durable Machines and Quality Output

Our non woven bag making machine chennai makes bags in all GSMs in varied thicknesses considered suitable for each of the purpose served by the bags. The production speed of our machines is very high at 75 pieces per minute on the higher side and about 15 pieces per minute as the minimum. Make all types of bags from our machines including flat bags, 3D boxed bags, bags with handles, vest bags and almost all other types of bags used for commercial purposes. Bags made using our machines are highly durable, long lasting and provide heightened comfort to the users. Seamless, wireless bags of high quality and durability can be made using our machines.

Variety and Customization

We offer the maximum width, height, thickness and dimensions in our machines so that you can customize the manufacturing of bags, according to your clients’ liking, comfort, requirement and cost. With just a single skilled and unskilled laborer, you can operate the machines with ease. You do not have to incur any additional costs and efforts in terms of labor, as our machines are highly labor efficient. In addition to being labor efficient, they are energy efficient as well.

FOGO Industries chennai is a pioneer, expert, technological forerunner and a market leader in manufacturing and promoting non woven fabric and bag making machines and all the other allied machineries required for the industry.