About Us

Based in Chennai, At FOGO Industries India, we work the full 360 degree circle with all those concerned with our business. We do not believe in working within the factory alone. We work with our clients, customers, end users, materials, technologies, industrial talents and even nature. We do not restrict ourselves to only one area of working. All round development is a desirable trait and so we constantly work towards the same. We work with our team of engineers, laborers, marketing personnel, public relations personnel, clients, customers, machines, new technologies and also the end users to create desirable and useful machinery products for our customers.

With our decades of industrial experience, we have been able to carve out a niche and claim a special place in the industry, as a pioneer and leader in manufacturing and promoting non woven fabric making machines and non woven bag making machine at affordable price. We have slowly expanded our product portfolio to include the other allied and ancillary machineries like D cut, U cut, W cut machines, offset and flexographic printing machines, non woven rice bag making machines, 3 dimensional box type bag making machines, etc. Not to mention that we have the manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic variants of almost all of these machines.

With our uncompromised attitude towards quality, we strive hard to make world class machines that deliver world class products. We understand that, with the industry being capital intensive, more of diligence, care and caution along with precision in engineering and foolproof methods are required to create such world class machinery that will benefit the buyers i.e. bag makers, business owners and also the end users.


What We Do

We are fully committed to producing high end non woven fabric and non woven bag making machine at reasonable price at the highest production standards using the best quality raw materials. The robust construction of our machines has occurred through a lot of subjective ideas and brainwork that have gone into the making of the machines. Such kinds of novel inputs have added strength, robustness, vigor and uniqueness to our machines. They are a result of perfect, precise, ingenious and meticulous engineering. We manufacture and promote such higher end non woven bag making and fabric making machines and other allied machineries that take bag making and printing standards to the next level.


What we strive for

We always strive for heightened standards of quality and providing perfect service to our customers by offering value for money machineries that can multiply your resources and develop your business. Our machines create a sense of security, as they have the capacity to earn you repeated business from the same clients, while also gaining you newer clients. Our machines do so by performing to the best to make bags with great precision and perfection.


What drives us?

The motivation to serve and the passion for the industry is what that drives us. As we are service minded, we would like to put our collective efforts forward towards furthering the industry’s standards and offer the right kind of products to our customers thereby ensuring that end users access highly qualitative products. Our ultimate goal is to serve the people at large and so offer machines with the best and the latest of technology.


Our Driving Workforce

We have a dedicated workforce that carries out the production process with due diligence, understanding the technological and technical precision required and meticulously designs and completes the machines, till they are market-ready. We further carry out our sales, marketing processes and logistics with the same attention to detail, as we understand our responsibility of ensuring that the machine reaches our customers in perfect form and condition.


Our Vision

To remain as the leader in non woven machine manufacturing throughout India and abroad and to make leading-edge technology available and accessible to the bag making industry, benefiting the industry as a whole


Our Mission

To actively participate, innovate and create new technology in an effort to reduce industry constraints and to ease the production processes


Our Values

  • Transparent and ethical business practices
  • Easy, efficient, effortless, hassle-free and smooth sales protocol
  • Real genuine care on customers
  • Nurturing business relationships that last longer



As we manufacture machines that are tested in quality and pass through various quality testing methods, our machines are sure to boast of an incomparable high standards and quality. The quality assurance that we offer our customers is unmatched by the rest of the world, as we make machines of the greatest quality ever.



Our teamwork is not mere collective effort that puts together existing technology. Our ingenious team of engineers and executives work hand in hand to conceive and create and make sophisticated machines available and accessible to the industry.