At FOGO Industries India occurs a culmination of industry and commerce, engineering and trade and cutting-edge technology and aesthetics! We are proud to have engineered some of the most indigenous non woven fabric bag making machines with our very own patent-worthy technology and unique workmanship. We are diverse in creating all sorts of non woven machineries, both main and allied, within the niche sector.

Non woven bag machine could best be complemented with a non woven printing machine. Although both the machines could be purchased in isolation, depending upon the kind of need you are trying to meet, some machines come inbuilt with a printing machine. Both manufacturing and printing can be done in the same machine in some of the machines. A non woven bag machine makes any kind of flat bags, boxed bags, handle bags, hand bags, etc. in varied GSMs and in varied dimensions. The size and shape could be customized as the machine offers a wide range in terms of choosing the height, width, breadth and thickness. It’s a huge advantage if printing could also be carried out during the bag making process.

Non woven bag printing machine helps your clients take their branding processes to the next level. One can choose between both inbuilt printing machines and separate printing units. As there are different types of printing, choices of whether an offset printing machine or flexo printing machine is suitable for you can also be made. A non woven bag printing machine is a huge value addition to your bag manufacturing process, as printing is most necessary to carry the identity of a particular business or commercial establishment. A bag printing machine would sure be handy to enhance your bag making and printing business and to ensure perfect satisfaction of your clients. They would also be pleased with both the services offered at one place. This could help you enhance your service offering and thereby improve your business.