Allied Non Woven Bag Machines

There are plenty of other non woven machines that perform both main and allied functions with non woven fabric materials. Allied functions include the making of accessories, fixing handles, printing, punching, dyeing, slitting and cutting. Some of the other allied machineries include D cut, U cut and W cut punching machines, slitting machines and soft handle attachment machines. These other machines can mean any machine that does something on non woven fabric including both the main and the allied functions. You can purchase a machine that performs the main functions alone or you can purchase a machine that performs a main function along with an allied function. All the other types of non woven machines can be purchased separately to improve on your line up of machines and service offerings.

Allied non woven machines are perfect value additions to your fleet of machines with which you can entice your clients by providing other services related to bag making. Some of your clients may not be aware of the other allied services that you can provide which can boost their sales, marketing and business prospects. By introducing these additional services that you can provide to them, you are enhancing their business while you are enhancing yours as well. You are helping them and also helping yourself. Nowadays, clients themselves would need these sort of additional services executed through these other machines to gain advantages in business over their competitors. These other machines give you a great advantage in fulfilling clients’ needs and bringing them to a complete satisfaction.

Non Woven Soft Handle Machine

With a non woven soft handle attachment machine, you have the simplest and the easiest of production processes. The machine is fully automatic and so you can complete the production tasks with only one laborer. You just have to extend the fabric for the handles from the desk onto the plate where you place the bags to have the handles fixed. A single laborer can perform the task with ease by placing the bags on the plate, which automatically seals or fixes the handles. About 60 to 80 handles can be fixed in a minute with the help of this machine. Non woven soft handle attachment machine that is fully automatic fixes soft handles on soft fabric as non woven fabric. With all the modern, digital and automatic features, this machine attaches handles onto bags with a lot of perfection.

U & W Cut Punching Machine

Of the ancillary machines, Non Woven W Cut Punching Machine can be very useful for your business. You can create U cut and W cut bags with these machines. You can create a complete unit with these machines that perform allied and ancillary functions. U and W cut bags are ubiquitous and omnipresent in the contemporary world, as businesses cannot do without them. You can purchase both manual and automatic machines, depending on what serves you best.

Manual U & W Cut Punching Machine

In manual machines, the process is very easy and simple, as you just place a stack of cut fabric on the base and just push the cutter manually along with the button.

Automatic U & W Cut Punching Machine

Automatic U & W Cut Punching Machine works like a charm, as all punching, cutting and delivery of output is handled by the machine itself without the intervention of any manpower.

Non Woven Fabric Slitting Machine

This non woven fabric slitting machine can handle 66 inch roll, which you can cut to your size requirement. Thus, with its wide range, the process is easily customizable with this machine. The machine being fully automatic, the only manual task you need to perform is to load and unload with the help of a single skilled labor. Besides the production process, everything else is automatic including edge correction, which is automatic using photoelectric system. Counting, speed adjustment, tension control, alarms, etc. are automatic along with unwinding, rewinding, etc. Touch screen operating system makes working the machine easy and effortless. This non woven fabric slitting machine is strong, well built, highly durable, technologically advanced, fully automatic, electronic, computerized and digitalized to take production processes to the next levels.