Manual Non Woven Machines


Despite the number of automatic machines that have flooded the market, manual non woven machines are still in vogue. As they are simple and easy to handle and work with, they are still preferred by certain bag makers. Employing just a single laborer is enough for each machine. The manpower requirement is almost the same, as it is for an automatic machine. It even costs you less, as manual machines are less intricate. The manual machines are so simple and compact that they look almost like a sewing machine, except that there is no thread and needle. More than being sewing machines, they are sealing machines, as the machine performs sealing functions and not sewing. Simply placing the fabric and having them sealed completes the production process in simple steps.

With manual non woven machines, you just seal two separate pieces of non woven fabric together on three sides to create a bag. This could sound time consuming but they take about just a few seconds for each bag. Within eight hours of production, you can make about 800 to 1000 bags, depending upon your speed, as the machine is fully manual. It all is in your hands. You just place the fabric under the sealing element and just slide the fabric across the whole length of it to seal. The manual machine takes care of the sealing part. For some businesses that are less capital intensive, a manual machine may just be apt to make huge profit, as you can make high quality bags quite meticulously.

Non Woven Manual Sealing Machine

A non woven manual sealing machine, also called as Ultrasonic Lace Machine, can perform multiple functions in the bag making process using non woven fabric materials. You can seal the sides of the bags by placing the bag on the wheel that spins to slide the material across to a complete sealing. You can also print (seal) patterns on the fabric to create textures around the corners, as you seal the fabric on the sides. Multiple functions include the sealing of soft handles and the attaching of soft handles onto the bags. Soft handle attachment i.e. sealing of handles on non woven fabric bags can also be performed through a non woven manual sealing machine. With just one labor, you can create thousands of bags and also seal and attach handles on the bags through this machine.

Non Woven Manual Handle Fixing Machine

Sealing machines that are actually non woven manual bag making machines can also perform the task of fixing handles. Non woven manual handle fixing machine seals handles with the help of ultrasonic sealing technology that can seal handles on bags within the fraction of a second. Though the machine is entirely manual, there is ultrasonic sealing technology, which makes sealing look effortless and extraordinary. Within the blink of an eyelid, you can have handles fixed onto the bags manually. There really is no hassle and fixing handles is very easy with this non woven manual handle fixing machine. As the process is very easy and can be effortlessly executed, a single laborer is the only manpower requirement for this machine. Within a day, you can fix handles onto thousands of bags with the help of these machines.