Non Woven Bag Printing Machine


More than making bags, printing is all that fun! It’s great to see colors, texts, designs and patterns on bags than to see bags that are plain and bland. Furthermore, printing is very important, as popular brands, who are high profile clients, require printing along with the orders they place for making bags. You may have to print logos, taglines, descriptive texts, etc. on the bags, so that the brands of your clients get promoted. Why would they miss a brand promotion opportunity, when they could make use of it? Non woven bag printing machine, using flexo or offset printing technology, does help print logos, texts, business names, designs, patterns, etc. on the bags. You can please your clients by offering the huge value addition of printing logos or brand names on bags, while gaining additional business for your firm.

A non woven printing machine can print in both single and multicolor. You can cater to your clients based on their requirement on whether they prefer using single or multicolor printing on their bags. High profile clients may be particular about printing logos, taglines, brand names and business names on their bags, so that they can show up as a professional brand. Purchasing a non woven bag printing machine, with either flexo or offset printing technology, can aide your business and enhance the same by fetching you high profile clients and businesses. There are different types of printing machines that print on non woven fabric bags. They are defined by their printing process, which differ from each other. A printing machine is a huge value addition to your business that you can offer your clients.

Non Woven Offset Printing Machine

Offset printing is a very special technology that revolutionized the printing industry. Bulk printing is made easy with offset printing. Non woven offset printing machine helps carry out bulk printing on non woven fabric and non woven bags. Printing through the offset technology on non woven fabric is highly beneficial for all concerned. Both the bag makers who print on the bags using this machine and the clients are equally rewarded, benefited and profited through the exercise of printing using offset technology. Non woven offset printing machine uses the most beneficial offset technology to print on non woven fabric, as it can print in bulk quantities and ensure huge profit for the makers of bags. Make use of this printing technology to enhance your clientele by showing variety in your service offering.

Non Woven Flexo Printing Machine

In the line of advanced printing technologies, we have the non woven flexo printing machine that uses flexographic printing technology with flexo plates to print on non woven fabric. There are all types of single color, double color and multicolor printing machines. With this technology, the printing quality is quite superior. The machines also come with a lot of technological improvements and advancements including computerization and digitalization. The color register is very accurate and the final output is perfect. Besides non woven fabric, this non woven flexo printing machine can print on plastic, metal, paper, cellophane, metallic films, polyethylene, polypropylene, etc. With automatic meter counters, high motor speeds, auto shut-off, this flexo printing machine that prints on non woven fabric can print about 50 pieces per min on bags of various utilities.