Non Woven Fabric Bag Making Machine

We are proud and happy to unveil our unique non woven fabric making machine built out of concerted efforts by our team of ingenious engineers, who share decades of industrial expertise among themselves. With this machine, we offer end to end services and products in our huge line up of machines related to non woven fabric and other allied machineries.

We are experts at indigenously manufacturing machineries from scratch that perform both main and allied functions. We have a huge fleet of machines that contribute to the production processes of the non woven industry. Non woven fabric making machine is one that claims the lion’s share of our pride over our precise engineering, as this is a machine unlike any other.

This machine and non woven roll to roll printing machine are two of our premium machines. We have quite reasonably priced the machine at Rs. 3 crores. We offer the best of presales, after sales services and warranty and services on-call or on-demand. As we offer end to end services for our customers, you can also offer end to end services to your clients by purchasing a non woven fabric making machine.Only this machine makes the portfolio of machines complete, as you offer to make non woven fabric too, which helps the client by making you a one stop shop for all the needs related to non woven fabric. Generally, your clients may not be aware of the non woven industry or the materials in toto.

Businesses would be concerned about their core activities, like marketing and sales, though a significant amount of attention is paid on presales activities like making bags. So, as they could not be much aware of non woven fabric and its uses, you could help your clients by making everything available at your bag making unit. The clients would be genuinely pleased and more than happy to offload the entire bulk of work and nitty-gritty and entrust you with all of them. So, you can have more control over your business by offering end to end solutions.

Non woven fabric making machine is unlike the other smaller machines, as it is a composite machine that performs various tasks in making non woven fabric. The machine can make fabric upto 250 GSM and produce a maximum output of 500 kilogram per hour. With the wider application of non woven fabric across a variety of industries, this machine can carry out some of your top line service that you can offer to your clients. We have built this machine after decades of collective expertise that taught us firsthand how to tweak the machines so that they could match human expectations in terms of usage, ease in handling and output quality. The machine is hugely space saving, which results in reduced constraints on factory or premise space and costs. Though huge compared to other machines, operating the machine is very simple and easy with the touch screen control panel and the output monitors. This machine can serve you by creating rolls after rolls of tons of spun bond non woven fabric, which can ensure sustained business, huge profit and control and mastery over the industry and the raw materials.