Non Woven Rice Bag Making Machine

What do almost all South Indians and some North Indians eat? It’s our very own rice that suits the tropical climate of India. Rice is the most consumed produce in India. There is always demand for rice in India, especially in South India and so there is always demand for a non woven rice bag making machine. Rice bag orders are some of the most common orders that you can get, as there is huge demand for rice all over South India. This rice bag making machine is available fully automatic as well, besides semi-automatic and manual machines. With touch screen operation, this machine is easy to operate and handle. You just need only one laborer per machine to operate the machine.

This rice bag making machine functions smoothly and delivers rice bags promptly in a rhythmic manner. You can make bags of any thickness suitable for the purpose or to your preference. Usually, you can make rice bags of a maximum of 140GSM thickness, which is suitable for the purpose of loading and carrying rice with the bags. These machines make bags with great precision that the difference could be less than just 5mm, plus or minus. The lower you can go in terms of the GSM is 100 GSM, which could give you best results. Production capacity is a maximum of 20 pieces per minute and so you can make thousands of bags each session. Non woven rice bag making machine can make non woven rice bags with great precision in sewing, sealing and cutting.